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Blogger deletes all my old pictures (  ̄Д ̄)

Hey y'all!!

Aren't you impressed? I'm breaking my hiatus after four years! It's been so long, but I am ready to start afresh.

There is one disappointing thing though, all my old images in this blog are gone and after some googling, it seems like there's no way for me to get it back. *sobs*

But that's fine, there's so much new makeup that I have bought, tested, and loved (and still loving!) and I can't wait to share my thoughts of it with you! (Even though I am absolutely sure people already forgot the existence of this blog lmao)

Till my next post!

Review : Too Faced Brow Envy (Brow Shaping and Defining Kit)


how are you? Good? Good.

Wow i am so happy to find myself some time to update this blog. Finally a day where i don't have to sit and be reminded with how tall my assignments are (thankfully not any taller than mount everest lol).

But anyway, has anyone been up to cool eyebrow game lately? Well, I HAVE AND I'M GOING TO SHARE IT WITH YOU HAHAHA (sorry i think the feeling of being able to write in this blog again is overwhelming)

May i introduce you, The Amazing "Too Faced Brow Envy" eyebrow kit.

*yaaaaaaay* *clapping hands like a crazy woman*

I have been using Silkygirl Eyebrow Pencil in brown for a loooong time to filling in my brows. not until a few months ago when i ran out of it and i finally decided to have a full set of eyebrow kit. I kind of went back and forth between Benefit and Too Faced eyebrow kit and I picked the latter because of my recent purchase of Benefit product. So this wins ehehe :p

This kit comes with a black and gold lining around the tin case (which is so pretty and i'm feelin black vintage-y). It has magnetized closure (it is really entertaining if you open and close the tin case again and again xD), a built in mirror, and an eyebrow guide.

This is the kit when it is open. It has setting wax, highlighter and brow powder in blonde and brunette shade. This kit also comes with a spooley, an eyebrow brush, and a tweezer.

excuse the powdery mess that came in the highlighter pan please teehee xD

I have been using this for a while and i can tell that all of them works amazingly good except for blonde. well, maybe because i have a medium skin tone and that is why the blonde doesn't really show on my skin.

and to not waste this part of the kit, i'm using blonde for being a matte eyeshadow and it does work! *yay for a new soft taupe colour*

these are the swatches! the brow powder is very smooth, and it doesn't look like it's too obvious or jarring if you are wearing them. the highlighter otherwise is slightly chalky, but it goes well if you blends well. :p

and the best part of the kit is...... *drumroll*

I called this, "the eyebrow frames" *says this in a very deep and masculine commercial tone*

(well actually i don't really know what their name is xD)

In this kit, you are given three of them inside the How-To Glamour Guide. Super Sexy, So Sweet, and Too Pretty. I don't really use them every time i'm filling my brows, no. i just use them sometimes if i want something different. and my favourite one is Super Sexy. *cue the song "I'm Sexy and I Know It" by LMFAO*

That's all for this review. What do you think about this eyebrow kit? comment below. :D

See ya later, alligator. :p


Review : Benefit Hoola Bronzer

Hello makeup junkies! :3

Well look who finally here! The new semester just started and my oh my, life is messy because my lecturers decided to drown me in a lake full of homework. -_-

anyway, i'd love to share this cool magical thing with you guys, which the Benefit Hoola Bronzer. I have seen almost all beauty gurus whether on blog or youtube rave about the product and all of them are like "OH MY GAWSHHH THIS IS THE BEST THING EVURRRRRRRR" so it left me kind of wondering if this really worth the hype.

Note that, i have a medium skin tone (in which i think makes the bronzer possibly does't appear on my skin), and i'm wearing a hijab which covers a part of my cheek and this two reasons are good enough for me not to buy this product. but screw it, i'm buying it anyway because benefit's packaging is forever nice and forever cute and i couldn't resist it. (/ >o<)/

Hoola is a completely matte bronzer. And since it is brown toned and matte it looks really natural on your skin and just gives an overall beautiful contour or sunkissed look. It retails for about RM110 at Sephora (quite pricey, i know) and has 0.28 ounces of product which doesn't sound like much at all but surprisingly i have to say that this product will last a long time even if you applied it everyday. like me, i haven't even see a little dent which is a sign of overly used product, which is a good thing to me.

So since i am a baby to the bronzer world i decided to just use their brush instead of buying a specific brush for them. plus, the brush kind of give me a decent result so i might not buy a new brush anytime soon teehee

Speaking of the decent result, here is what i have managed to do. i am actually surprised to see the bronzer is sort of visible on my face even i was wearing a scarf. (excuse the pimples nature decided to give me -_-)

aaaand excuse me if the bronzer is a little too low or at the wrong place because i'm still learning heh -.-"

Does this live up to the hype? I’d have to say yes. The pigmentation is nice but buildable, so if your skin tones are pale or like me or deep skin tone, it can be applied as lightly or as heavy as you need.

And as for me i really have nothing to hate about the product. I love it 5evurrr!

That's all for now. See you in my next post! ;)


Review: Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in Shame & Venom

hello people! i'm back with a new review :D

Fall/Autumn is around, so i kind of get the dark lippies vibe even though the country i lived is definitely not four-seasoned country. Oh wait, it is; rain, raining-cats-and-dogs kind of rain, hot, and blazing hot you can cook fried eggs outside. :p

Anyway, today i am going to do a review of Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick! Yay! This particular lipstick has been out since 2013, there is nothing new, but i wanted to talk about this particular shade that will suits well in this fall season or maybe if you are looking for a dark lippie lipstick.

so i bought 2 of them which is Shame and Venom at Sephora KLCC aaaaaand trust me i took less than 20 seconds to decide buying this two lipsticks. ._.

i don't even know why because usually i will read a heck lot of reviews and swatches and every other things before buying. i just randomly picked it up and asked the sephora assistant without swatching and went straight to the counter and buy it. it is too weird but i guess me and this two lipsticks are meant to be together ;)

Sorry for my crappy camera but i like the fact that the label of the lipstick shade is very well 'translated' because it is the exact shade of the lipstick inside.

AND LOOK AT THE LIPSTICK PACKAGING DESIGN! It is a beautiful metallic-reflective kind of tube. I swear i could look at this tube for hours! it is just "that" gorgeous, you know. :D

And i like the way they kind-of-carve the UD logo at the top. SO GORGEOUS! *O*

this is how it looked like inside. kind of a bummer for shame because it accidentally hit the mirror and poof! it is out of shape thanks to my clumsy self. what a shame (pun intended xD)

when i saw this i wasn't really confident because i thought i bought the wrong shade for Shame. because it looked all chocolate and not really dark berry kind of colour.

and this is probably what you are waiting for, the swatches. i forgot to put a label in this picture -_-"

the left one is Venom and the right one is Shame. Both of them is such a gorgeous colour! Venom is kind of bright plum and Shame is dark berry. And please DO believe me when i say this is the first layer of swatch w/ medium pressure when you are applying lipstick. The colour is very well pigmented! :D

W/O flash
when i was taking the swatches picture i only took with flash and without flash 3-4 hours later (because i forgot), so it kind of dried because i am in an air-conditioned room. God knows how long i procrastinated doing this post hahaha

W/ flash

And here is on the lips swatch. please excuse my bare face and raging hormones that releases a heck lot of pimples. I iz now changing my skincare product since the previous ones doesn't work anymore (weird, i know.)

what do you think of the colour? which colour is your favourite? :D

honestly, i have nothing to hate about this product. it does not dry on my lips, have 4 hours of staying power if you don't eat (like normal lipstick usually do) and so on. It is RM75 at Sephora. it's not cheap, but definitely worth the price.

that's all.

bye. \(^o^)/


Review: Tarte BB Tinted Treatment Cream

well hello ladies and gents-who-likes-makeup-but-hey-no-judgement! :D

Wow it feels like I haven’t updated anything at all for this month. And of course I would blame my final exams (which ended a week ago) that keep me away from this blog instead of how lazy I have been ;P

So today I am going to review Tarte BB Tinted Treatment 12 Hour Primer Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Sunscreen. yes, that was mouthful.

It comes with a neat tube-like packaging and I actually came across this product because I saw the word “BB” and I was like, is that the font Helvetica Neue Light? lol jk I’m just kidding

One of the things that I like about this product is that they put the expiry date at the back of the tube. So, if you have sudden memory loss of everything except the taste of fried chicken you just ate, there is no hassle if you don’t remember the expiry date (hey that rhymes :p)

The texture was soft and kind-of watery but when applied it feels velvety, like a primer. And it sort of has that matte-to-dewy finish. It was matte, but it looks dewy on certain part, not a bad kind of dewy, of course! It's good because your face wouldn't look flat like a wall. like nyx says, stay matte but not flat, girls!


The coverage is also pretty good. It blurs my imperfections and pores while covering redness on my face. And it looks really natural. You can build the coverage to a nice medium coverage or keep it shear to light by just applying a tiny bit of it.

Another thing that I like about this product is that it doesn’t break me out and kind-of treats my skin. I have no breakouts happening on my beloved-one-and-only-face. This is kind of surprising to me because I was a bit skeptical about a makeup brand that does skincare (cuz I have a feeling that they don’t know what they are doing). But this product breaks me from that shell.

One problem that I notice with this product is that you MUST to wait about 3-5 minutes for the product to seeps through your skin. If you didn’t, you will look splotchy, your skin will feel sticky as if you just ended a marathon. But, if you wait and set it with powder, it will last all day and feels totally weightless. ;)

overall, this product is AWESOME. I usually use this alone as i don't use that much of makeup. And as usual i'm going to put my overall thoughts of this product in case you guys are lazy to read my ramblings. leuls.

- good light to medium coverage
- no breakouts
- smooth
- long lasting
- natural looking
- lightweight
- easy to apply
- blends well to the skin
- oil-free
- good for combination to oily skin

- just need to wait for the product to settle down. (not really a problem to me)

that's all.

see ya later alligator :D

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