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Differentiating Kifarah and Karma


this will be..
a bit of a long post i guess hahaha

so i have been deep in thought these few weeks about karma and kifarah. some muslims says that we (muslims) don't have such thing like karma, we only have kifarah! and then they left me alone without further explanations. blergh. thanks for being extremely informational.

what is the difference when they literally means the same? i don't get it. i really really don't get it.

so after days hanging my thoughts alone in my brain, i popped out a question to my mom.

"ma, what's the difference between kifarah and karma? I don't think there's even a difference."

and then my mom says

"Karma is 'what you give you get back'. if you lied to people, people will lie to you. if you talk behind a person's back, the other person will sooner or later, talk behind your back too.."

and then i asked

"and kifarah means?"

she replies

"Kifarah means you do bad things, between you and your god, but other people doesn't know. but your wrong doings will be payed back in dunya (this world/dimension), too. but it is in another form. basically, 'what you give you'll get it back in another form'."

"in example?"

"in simplest words, (for example) you are talking mad things behind someone's back, even if it's not true, but later in your life, you will find that what you said about that person will be the traits of your child. You called a person you barely know a gold digger? Then you'll have a gold digger child."

it took me awhile to understand. i know there are some things i left-out somewhere in the conversation, but this is what i can conclude;

both karma and kifarah exists.

but really, not all bad things that happen to us are kifarah and karma, sometimes it was just a test how loyal you are to your god.

sorry for using negative examples. should've been using positive ones too. but i have to run for something. i hope you guys will also have a clearer vision about karma and kifarah now.

Update(30/9/15): Some update on futher clarification. Karma is a belief from Hindu and Kifarah is a belief from Islam. For muslims, both of the concept of karma and kifarah is placed under one wing, called Kifarah. We muslims believe that only Allah knows how to pay for the person's bad or good  deeds. :)

That's all, for now.

See you l8r, allig8r.

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