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till the end of my life


i have a story to tell, and i feel like sharing it to everybody else

once, there are an old folks home here in malaysia, to be specific i didn't really know where. the old folks are all muslims by the way. but then something came up idk what it is but ada sorang makcik yang my parents kenal ni ada rumah orang2 tua so dia ingat nak ambik semua orang tua tu ke rumah dia atas arahan kementerian cenggitu la.

but it was too late.

sadly, semua orang tua tu dah jadi kristian. rambut bewarna, kuku colour hitam, yada yada whatever you name it.


it was heartbreaking you know.. like, someone around 70, who have been a muslim and prayed all their lives, but at the edge of their lives, converts to another religion.

i don't want to offend anybody with different religions here (if there is), but to me, as muslims, what is the point of living then? how about the judgement day? why? why did you drag yourself to hell after all this while (..and a few questions more)

then i realized something i have never prayed for before,

it was to be a muslim, until the end of my life. until forever. 

Ya Allah i couldn't imagine if something like that happens to me, to my family, to my close friends and to whoever i know.

Semoga kita dilindungi dan dirahmati Allah.


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