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beauty products #1


sorry for not updating. and thank you for being here, still reading my blog hahaha ha

okay ._.

so recently i bought some beauty products. some makeups and some skincare stuff. and i wanted to share it with y'all so this blog won't be like a dead alley or something idk

1. Elite Models UV Base in Pink

this one is acts as a sunscreen, and also a primer for makeups. because i have a super-ultra-mega sensitive skin, i was afraid to test everything on my skin. EVEN THIS ONE. but this one turns out to be fine. it's not irritating to me but idk if it is to you hehe

and plus, SPF 30 nigga it has been so hot in malaysia and you guys better save yourselves from getting sunburn-ed.

2. Revlon Colourburst Matte Balm 

THIS ONE IS FUCKING PERFECT ON MY LIPS. bought it at watson's alamanda bcs at that time they are around RM30 something and not their actual price, RM35.90. about RM5 discount yaww (that's why i bought it hahaha). the code is 230. it's perfect if you want a pale but pretty lips lol

3. NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream

this one is hella cool. it stays longer than i thought it would. AND THE COLOURS ARE PRETTY.  The left one (which is more pink-ier) is Antwerp and the right one is Zurich.

bought this two online from @makeup_department on instagram because they imported this from usa, only RM24 each and because i thought nyx cosmetics aren't here in malaysia.

bila i showed this to my mom, she says "Eh bukan nyx ada kat Sephora KLCC ke.." and then i was like, "WHAT?" pastu terus google and only to find their actual price was around RM19.90.

heartbroken? yes. regrets? NO.

 4. Himalaya Herbals Almond & Cucumber Peel-Off Mask

I have been using himalaya skincare for years because that was the only skincare that won't cause irritation or jerawat tumbuh merata-rata on my skin. I am interested to buy this thing long ago, but lepas tengok model tudung jovian pun pakai i terus beli hahahaha

I have tried it once so far, (sebab baru beli lol) and it's actually really GOOD. Muka bersih je terasa, jerawat pun tiada ewah hahahaha

5. Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula (Scar Serum)

Okay, i have this one long scar on my cheek, and i got it long ago when i was still a toddler. my mom sent me to this nursery home, everything is okay there but this one kid (dari rumah jiran) saw me lepastu dia panjat pagar taska, masuk taska tu then cakar pipi i yang mulus ni huhu i masa tu apa lagi, terkeluaq suara soprano ni haaaa hahaha

makcik yang jaga tu panic gila because my face is bleeding and dia kata my kulit muka i yang kena cakar tu ada kat kuku budak yang mencakar i tu. ngeri.

so sampai sekarang la ada parut tu. so my mom suggested me to try this sampai dia pun dah naik muak nak jawab soalan i "mama benda ni kulit sensitif boleh pakai ke?"

hahaha, been wearing this for two days now. maybe I'll post my selfie before and after kot hahaha

okay, that is all for now.

bye. :)

2 comments on "beauty products #1"
  1. kak nieysa, produk himalaya 100% organik eh?

  2. Hana(sya) : yup (because the guy at the himalaya klcc told me that hehe lol jk but i was pretty sure it is because the weird names of their products were actually the name of the herbs they use) :D


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