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hi guysss

people often say, "anak sulung ni selalunya memang paling banyak natang allergy ni" and i guess they were right hahaha

i am the first child in the family, memang jadah banyak gila kot benda camni. tapi tak semestinya anak pertama je yang ada allergik ni. anak kedua dengan ketiga dengan keempat dan seterusnya pun mesti ada. (U R VERY LUCKY KALAU TAKDA I ENVY YOU)

so today i wanted to talk about the things that i am allergic to. it may seem awkward but naaah at least i have something to update.

1. I'm allergic to seafood

this is the most common allergies. in fact, i believe some of you do have this too. and even some of your are fearless as heck 'makan je biarla sakit pun janji perut kenyang' hahaha

but i can't.

if not, ruam tumbuh in every inch of my body plus muka jadi gatal dan bengkak. cannot tahan liao. so pasrah je dengan takdir ilahi (cewah)

2. I'm allergic to dust particles

THIS IS THE MOST PAINFUL sebab u cannot biar bilik u bersepah. so bila you nak kemas takat sapu habuk nipis pun dah bengkak-bengkak muka dengan air terjun mencurah-curah dari lubang hidung (euw) hahaha

yes i have sinus. -_-

3. I'm allergic to anti-biotics

this is.. frustrating. yeah i know i'm not allergic to all of them but how do i know antibiotic apa nak ambik?

i went to this clinic last year (the doctor is really nice), sebab i often sakit and got infections (i even pergi clinic tu for about 8 times in 2 heck-ing semester), she stopped giving me the antibiotic at my 7th visit and wanted to see what will happen next. and then, i recovered fast. it's like the antibiotic which makes me sick. doctor tu pun pelik sebab semua ubat dia effective kat patient lain except me.

my 8th visit was actually sebab batuk pulak hahaha sengal je but the doctor didn't give me any antibiotics anymore. and i recovered faster hahaha

i have a lot of my other allergies to write but i am going to sleep it is almost 1 a.m. hehehe

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