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Apps for Public Transportation

*this is not an advertising things. i'm sharing this for your own good and for helping others* 


so what do we know about public transportation besides the how-smelly it is when weekend comes (bangla needs to berjalan yo! // well that's just racist lol)

okay. have you ever been so confused nak naik train apa? nak pergi mana? apa jalan dia? and so-on?

well i think i can help you guys by installing the first two apps below.

KL Train and MyTeksi.

both available kat app store dengan play store (i guess)

to me, i've used MyTeksi a heck lot and it's effective sebab we can tempah nak immediate taxi ataupun tempah untuk later things. plus, i'm studying at malacca and my parents didn't trust me to drive even though i have my license. so basically i prefer to use taxi's sebab cepat instead of bus.

and trains, i didn't use them a lot like KTM or Monorel etc.. etc.. but i often use KLIA Transit since i'm heading to Putrajaya. (rumah kat cyberjaya hehe ok tak tanya pun)

it is really really important, okay. even though some of you might not have the permission from your parents to use public transportation, well let's just say unexpected things happen when you least expect it.

i better go now, bye <3

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