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a year of love

Holá everybodeh.

apo khabar semuaa?? hehehehehe

i knew i lied to myself when i said i won't be updating till my final


i just wanted to update about my last class of foundation year yesterday. believe me, it was one of the best class i ever attend in my whole year of foundation. semua sporting. semua dok selfie. hahahaha

but the saddest thing ever is when some of us are going to mmu cyberjaya and other universities. believe me, even though most of them are chinese, i love them all (as friends hehe). they have been really kind and friendly (even though they like to change the timetable sampai ada setengah jam je nak solat zohor dengan lunch because i am the only muslim haha).

by the way, enjoy our selfies! hehehe :D


me, joshua, angelina, cystal (w/ spectacles), and dudley

hehe (kantoi ada jerawat kat dahi hahaha)

PLS01 & PT01 (ft. Mdm. Asmida)

lepasni semua pergi degree. lain-lain course. ada yang pergi university lain, like IMU. thanks for all the love even though at the beginning of foundation i thought some of you are racist (hahaha but you guys aren't) i'll see you guys again.

much love <3

3 comments on "a year of love"
  1. Woah, bestnya. Nak buat degree dah.

  2. @Nabiha Zaidi

    Alhamdulillah hehe :D

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.


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