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Letting Go


i wanted to ask you guys though, 

i wanted let go all of my novels.; malay+english. like ain maisarah series, the hunger games, diary of a wimpy kid, warm bodies, tfios and all. will anybody be interested? 

i want to let it go for like RM5 per book, or maybe lower. but i am still thinking though, i might give it away for free  hehe

because if i didn't, i don't even have the time to read and it is eating up the space of my book rack. so it's best if i get rid of it. comment to let me know. heh.

that's all. 

bye. :D

7 comments on "Letting Go"
  1. Buku Ain Maisarah best! Nak tapi dah baca semua. Impiana je belum lagi sebab takde T.T

  2. @Siti Shahidah

    uuuu ai ada.. nak tak? hohoho i think nak give it away for free hehehe

  3. @Nur Syuhada

    alooo takde pulak heh


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