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Wattpad + 3 fav stories


how have you guys been? i've been good. ok not really i have been better. i often forget how fun it is when it comes to semester break. 


currently i am living at my other house and since i have nothing to do and despite going to the gym every evening, my other escape is wattpad.

wattpad is a place where people make fan fictions, stories and all. and so far i love it. the good thing is i can read it wherever i go (since i installed it on my phone) and the most important thing is; its FREE. hehehehehehe

okay fine i suck at this stuff.

this is a list of a few stories that i have read (and find it interesting) here;

1. The Bad Boy, Cupid & Me 

*link on the picture. just click! :D*

okay at first i thought, the story maybe quite boring since the cover is kinda ugly (IM SORRY I'LL NEVER JUDGE A BOOK BY IT'S COVER AGAIN). but heck, the story turns out to be awesome! i like the style of writing. it is fun to read and i didn't fell asleep within 30 minutes reading the story, which is a good sign. hehehe

overall it is a good read.

2. Not All Blondes Do Backflips

*link on the picture. just click! :D*

okay, this story is not yet completed but i like the style of writing. The character is so blunt and rude or i might say, honest. oh yes and this book contain sooo much, uh.. profanities/swearing/cuss words that might make some of you uncomfortable reading ehe

3. The Bad Boy's Girl

*link on the picture. just click! :D*

hands down this is the cutest story ever gaaaah i don't know what to say but you guys should read it TRUST ME. 


and that is all about wattpad. 

sorry i feel awkward sebab dah lama tak post something here. it feels... weird. hahaha

bye. :D
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