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fighting dragons and all that jazz


it has been a loooong time since i.. *insert long speech about why i am gone fighting dragons because i ain't a disney princess yaw lol kidding i'm just busy hahaha*

so i am currently in week 4 (entering week 5) in my first degree year and so far... it was good. first few weeks were hectic tho. because dulu foundation students mana ada pop quiz pop quiz ni  haaa paling sedih bila malam tu you study subjek lain, esoknya subjek lain ada pop quiz. hahahaha sedih gila.

but i think i'm getting the hang of it now. you need to constantly study stuff. 

oh well, 

other than that, i'll be going to the ISS (International Student Society) Night tomorrow and i haven't decide on what to wear. meh i probably wear jubah with kasut sukan lol jk. the theme is cultural evolution and i think i might wear my punjabi/kebaya panjang style baju with black palazzo pants because i am lazy like that hahahaha

thiz iz the ticket yowz (kualiti buruk ai pakai camera computer ja)
amboi sangat harga ticket tulis 38 ringgit besar-besar hahaha sebab nanti makan buffet. but nowadays for buffet i think RM38 ringgit is cheap because most of the places i pergi berbuka semua dah naik around 70-80++ ringgit. pembaziran, i know.


i actually have a lot to share with you guys, but i think it's better to separate 'em so takde la sunyi krik krik beno blog ni. 

oh ya and about the books, i hardly ada kat rumah lagi satu yang ada library/books that i want to let go tu because currently i'm living in cyberjaya right now. i'm thinking of giving it away for free ja but i need to list them out first. hehe

and that is all. 

see you later, alligator <3

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