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Five-Year Memory Journal

hello peeps!

have you guys ever kept a diary? like, you know, since you were kids and all but it ended up with you just writing the sad part of your life like your mom is not buying the thing you wanted and forgot about it when your life is great and content?

well, to me i have bought a lot of pretty books for my journal but i leave them untouched because i dont know what to write. heh heh just a waste of money. -_-

during december last year i bought a journal. i found it upstairs of the infamous Kinokuniya bookstore at KLCC.

and here is how it looked like.

really pretty riiight omg and oh it is a hard cover book but it feels kinda cushion-y a bit hahaha

the first thing that actually made me saw this book was the gold-shiny lining at the side of the pages. it is really pretty. :3

okay the cover is great and all but what makes me more interested to buy this journal is on the inside

it has one question every single day and one day will have for like five parts that represents the year. so every year you might have different answers and when you are older you can look back and see what you wrote and how mature is your thoughts.

i like this question so much i just had to take this picture. because you know, everyone knows if you said the glass is half-full you are in a positive state and vice versa. if someone said the glass is full? wow you must be really content with your life right now hehe

There are some other interesting questions like "What is an interesting name for the opposite sex to you?" and "Lyrics that describe your life for a moment." and so much more but then if i took a picture of all of the questions it would be 366 of them :3

And of course, i actually still using this book right now which surprise me because i never got attached too long with a journal before. hehe i hope i can continue this for the rest of the five years.

that is all for now,

can't stay, blue jay <3

4 comments on "Five-Year Memory Journal"
  1. Fuyyooo I need this book! how much was the price when you bought it dear? i remember myself being a diary writer back in high school. now i need to have something like this to keep track with my life progress and achievements ^_^

  2. @Mieza Everdeen

    omg i forgot the price already -_-

    that's cool! i have a diary but i barely write anything on it hahaha


    skirt free. jom!

  4. I need this in my life! :O It looks awesome :)


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