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ISS Night

hello, how are you guys? :)

as for me i am doing fine but this week is a one hell of a week. you know, assignment stuff and shi-

but whatever.

so on 27th of June i went to the International Student Society Night and daym so many hot arabian guys (they have nicely shaved beaaaards. geddit? BEARDS. it make guys 300% hotter <3)

we gathered at the president's square to wait for the mmu bus because yeah no transportation. i have a car but my parents said i should wait for my 'P' license to end and i can only drive after i renew it because people will not take advantage of you if you are in an accident (sebab license boleh ditarik balik if kita accident while we are still having lesen P D: )

from the right it is Zoey, Dudley, Aisya, and *ehem* Me (damn u double chin).

the picture quality is kinda awful (forgive meh) and previously an arab guy who-shall-not-be-named said we are having buffet and it turns out that he is actually lying. i should have known because he do it for fun most of the time and damn what a fool i can be. (side note: don't trust arab guys, guys.)

we got a free button badge and a keychain yaaaaay

Ching! haha i don't know what to caption this.

this is Elise and for the opening ceremony she sang some really high-pitched soprano songs. i don't get what the f- is the lyrics she was singing actually, i bet it's some kind of disney princesses songs but hey, she's actually really good (in a soprano singer way).

there is a lot more performances but i am too lazy to take a picture hahaha

and here is the food. the food here is actually nice tho. but i don't like the water they were giving us. it's some kind of lime-lemonade and it's too sweet i think i almost have diabetes.

and for dessert it is sago gula melaka. blame the waiter for being clumsy habis tumpah hoho. Dudley never seen this food and she thought it was frog eggs that we are eating...

and you can say that i stopped eating that thing straight after that.

selfie! :3

from right : Yassir, Aisya, Me, Dudley, Anas (at the back), Hussain (idk to spell his name), Zoey and two other guys that i didn't know of. hehe

and that is all. see ya! (p/s: sorry i know i have a lot of grammar errors but i iz lazy hiks)

bye bye, butterfly <3

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