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it is only thursday and it feels like a millennium already

hello guys!

It has been awhile now since my last update isn’t it? Sorry. I was planning on blogging actively like, one post per day but just when I thought I have a whole week of nothing (as in not having quizzes, assignments etcetera..) to do, my lecturers decided to give us a very big surprise! (3 quiz, 1 labtest, presentation, and a 3D cell model to submit.) very wonderful isn’t it?

wonderful my ass (-_-)

anyway, I saw some people that have been commenting on my post about the books I want to let go, and I am really sorry I think I will be taking a loooooong ass time because the only time I am free to go to my old house and update all the book titles here is when my trimester break comes, which is about 3 months from now. I am so sorry about that. (T^T)

other than that, I was thinking about doing a make-up product review. And no, the purpose is not about showing my stuff but the thing is that I find some products which I already bought have some bad effects, like breakouts. It’s better to be safe than sorry. especially when the price of the product is quite high.

And theeeeen today I submitted the 3D cell model and I would like to share mine and some of my classmates models also. Mine’s pretty ugly so don’t judge hehe

this part is when we need to give a quick presentation of the cell we did. hehe. the rest is just pictures and have a guess on which one is my group's cell model. hehe xD

hands down, the last one is the most prettiest cell model ever. hahahaha

so that's all. i think i left some little few things i wanted to say but bleeeeeh maybe in the next post.

gotta go, buffalo. <3 

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