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Review : Benefit's Big Easy - Bigger Than BB

hullo guys! :)

how was your weekend? :D

so today i wanted to share (or make) a review for you guys about Benefit's Bigger Than BB Big Easy Liquid-to-Powder Multi-Balancing Complexion Perfector!! (wow that was mouthful for a BB cream). i bought this thing earlier this year at Benefit Alamanda Putrajaya counter. well, the shop kinda caught the balls of my eye and before i knew it i am already there looking at the stuff they sell (WHICJ IS ALL CUTE)

so here it is! :D

i bought this in shade medium 04 which have warm undertones and it is suitable for a person like me who have a yellow under-toned skin (i blame my chinese side). it looks very vintage and retro styled isn't it?

this thing comes in a tube which is very easy to control the amount of the product. just a little squeeze and poof! there you have it.

as you can see, this liquid is kinda thick. (O.o)

but surprisingly, it is very lightweight. this is a picture after i swatched it on my skin. the little freckles and the uneven skin tone i have on my hand is gone and my skin look slightly pinkish.

anyway, let's see what benefit says about this product first;

BIGGER than BB! Why? Two reasons. First, big easy balances moisture & controls oil. Second, the cushiony liquid-to- powder formula melts in like a cream, yet finishes lightweight & velvety like a powder. 

This multi-balancing complexion perfector gives light-to-medium natural coverage to even out skintone and conceal imperfections. Even better, it contains ingredients known to soothe & comfort the skin and help fight free radicals. One & done…big easy saves the day! Non-comedogenic. Oil-free. 

 Beauty balancing act! 
 Balances moisture & controls oil Self adjusts on skin Perfects & evens with liquid-to-powder finish Protects with broad spectrum SPF 35 to help prevent aging BIG results! 

97% said it balanced moisture & oil* 
 90% said it visibly smoothed & evened out skin texture* 
93% said it visibly improved skin’s appearance* 
 100% said it had a lightweight finish*

first of all i had to say that all of the above are somehow true. this thing is very very suitable for all skin types and you can even wear this for five hours straight. It also have SPF35 so there is no need for applying sunblock and most of all it evens out skin-tones.

BUT, i am not a big fan of it.

first, this thing is pricey. to me, it's not worth it if you want to buy a BB cream with a price of RM135. you can get a looooooot more. heck, you can even buy a m.a.c. foundation or a too faced eyeshadow palette with that money.

second, for a person who has a very very very vERY sensitive skin like me, this is definitely not for you. i naturally did not have that kind of face that is full of acne (in which i am thankful of), but, after applying this product and using it for a few hours, i find a few acne (the sand type) starting to appear. SCARY I KNOW (and it's not even the time of the month D:) i even tested this three times all at a different time of the month (without using other makeup. just this one), and the same acne appears. (yes, i am brave i know)

but thankfully, my face wash is so strong i lost all of them after a week. ;)

overall : this product has a lot of pros and cons. after all, it is up to you if you wanted to buy it. for me, eeeh, maybe not. i won't buy this again even though this product is really good (i blame my sensitive skin for the breakouts). if you don't have any allergies you might as well try it and share it with me :D

that's all for now.

toodle-loo, kangaroo! <3

2 comments on "Review : Benefit's Big Easy - Bigger Than BB"
  1. i wanted to try this too but seeing the price tag, i am sorry Benefit I really couldn't justify it. Unless I am stinking rich and RM135 looks like 13.5 cent to me then ok la might buy. As you mentioned, better go for high end brand punya foundation ke kan :) aww I'm sorry to hear that it breaks out on your skin. My friend has a sensitive skin and the Sephora SA told her to buy this, luckily she didnt buy because someone managed to tell us that it doesnt really work well on combination skin. I think it might give her breakouts too as her skin is so damn sensitive.

  2. @Mieza Everdeen

    I KNOW RIGHT thank god it's my parent's money not mine if not i'll die being so broke for a bb cream (lol)

    aww your friend is so lucky. I bought this at the benefit's counter and she keeps on saying it works for every skin type. very bias la that salesperson. end up i can't even use it -_-


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