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Review : Maybelline Pure Mineral Concealer

hello. :3

**the introduction part was deleted because it was so long and full of grammar errors and unnecessary and yeah i think my eyes bleed when i read it. so please continue reading like you haven't seen anything here. poof!**

when i was skimming through the maybelline products (I have time to kill *knife emoji*) in a local drugstore and this thing caught my eyes. It was placed at the bottom part of the maybelline aisle. So people don't really see them unless they looked down.
anyway, here is how the thing looks like :D

one thing about the product that made me confused is their name. like, do you read it as pure concealer mineral or mineral pure concealer or pure mineral concealer. for me, i go with pure mineral concealer because it sounded good (ha-hah!)

i bought it in shade 02. that's all i know because the information is written in japanese (or chinese omg sorry i can't differentiate them D:) the shade 02 kinda look like a little towards to salmon in colour.

and here is the swatch! it's definitely totally 100000% tru- a few shades lighter than my skin tone  but to me it's kind of okay to conceal my baggy eyes if i didn't slept for finishing my assignments the night before. use concealer and set them with powder would do the trick. :3

aaaaand it has a doe-foot applicator, perfect to smack your face with the concealer! :D (or maybe don't smack your face with it your face is fragile take care of them babies <3)

this is the summary part (I usually have this because I tend to ramble and I'm pretty sure people will skip that- hell I even skip reading what i write lol, anyways)
the pro's
- easy to blend
- travel friendly
- light to medium coverage
- affordable & doesn't cost the earth (i bought it for about RM17.90 hehehe)

the con's
- limited shades. i only found two. :(

overall, I think this is a good concealer for a cheap price. It covers the damn pimples, and work damn fine. plus, it doesn't look cakey in my opinion. and the good thing is, i don't have any allergic reactions or breakouts when i wear this.

But the make up world is evolving, there is a lot more concealer that works even better than the high-range concealer ones. For simple enough covering stuff, I would suggest this one. But if you want to go really extremely covering I would suggest Hard Candy Heavy Duty Concealer- I even saw pictures of people covering their tattoos with it!

that's all for now.

take care, polar bear <3

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