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Review : Too Faced Size Queen Mascara

hello, how are you guys doing?

i can't seem to put my thoughts together lately. i don't know. every time i clicked "create a new post" my mind went blank. blanco. kosong. (cewah lol)

not wanting my blog to be left alone for like a century, i decided to make a review of my Too Faced mascara. (yeayz)

i know at some point of this review, y'all be like uhh hell-to-the-no to this mascara. but please wait and read it till the end, yea?

i actually wanted to buy their other mascara which is LashInjection but it ran out of stock at sephora klcc. so i just grab this one because the packaging is very pretty lol

the packaging is pretty big i must say. at first, i thought they were kidding when the packaging states that the mascara has a gigantic brush. to me, i always assumed that big packaging has thick folded papers on how-to-apply blah blah and it's the truth anyway.

but apparently they didn't have those thick folding papers and just a big ass mascara bottle. like really. i was surprised because it's not the normal size a mascara would always be.

it's frickin 1 centimeter in radius // 2 centimeter in diameter!!

imagine how big it is.

and here is the gigantic mascara brush. really big isn't it? i wondered how this thing will work because i have a straight and short eyelashes (#asianproblems lol).

this is a picture of my eyes and can you see how short and straight my eyelashes is? it's not even curly or anything. just there. -_-"

- this is the first coat of the mascara. -

Your LHS : On my right eye, i didn't even use the lash curler or anything. but it is clear that my eyelashes are lifted up, and has a volume. and this is only the first coat. :D

Your RHS : On my left eye, of course, i used lash curler and hell it looked even better hahaha i am so happy.

aaand i'm sorry i didn't take the picture of the second and the third coat. i forgot hahaha

I admit that it is pretty hard to apply for the first time. but then make-up is all about techniques. since the brush is a little bit smaller at the front part, i use the smaller part for lengthen it a bit. and then i use the rest which is a big part that continue to lengthen and volumes. it really works! trust me.

The Pro's
- volumizes and the lengthens.
- the formula is super nice it doesn't make your eyelashes feel heavy like some mascara. you can seriously have the third coat and it barely feels like the second coat of other "heavy" mascara.
- it doesn't clump. oh god you have no idea how this thing do not clump at all. (back to the formula again) only after a third coat then it started to. but you seriously don't need to because the second coat is already long enough i am glad it doesn't poke my eyelid lol
- it separates your eyelashes. this is pretty surprising. really. most mascaras combine our eyelashes to make more "volume", which i really hate. this one does it, but not as much because the brush itself separates the lashes after it is combined.
- the lashes stay put for a person that doesn't have oily eyelids.

The Con's
- it isn't waterproof.
- if you have oily eyelids, you will look like a sad panda. i applied this to one of my friend to test out and dang hahaha it's terrible for her.
- huge brush. you might poke your eyes if don't know how to use it.
- depends on the weather, i doesn't last too long if it's hot. probably 4 hours tops.
- quite pricey but worth it if compared to the size of the bottle.

rate : i gave it 4/5.

that is all for this review. and oh you can buy this at Sephora outlet for RM69. :3

p/s: i was sick when i took the picture. excuse my baggy eyes. ._.

till then, penguin <3

4 comments on "Review : Too Faced Size Queen Mascara"
  1. Wow... The head of the mascara really big O.O. Will the second and third coat clumps up a little for the lashes? Coz I tried before a few mascara that claimed will not clump but at the end it still clumps :(

  2. @Jennifer FurFer

    I KNOW RIGHT i seriously didn't expect that.

    when i'm using it, it wont clump. mine only started to clump at the third coat but i dont really think it is necessary for that much of application.

    two coats and you are more than good to go! ;)

    but if you have doubts about this mascara, try their new one's instead: Better Than Sex. i think it is interesting :)

  3. Yup, Better Than Sex mascara is apparently better than this one. I don't on either of them though :( Need to go to Sephora soon! Awesome review, babe! xoxo

  4. @Priya M

    yeah i watched the reviews on youtube and oh my god it looks so amazing! you should try and make a review of it. i will surely read it! hehe :D


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