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Buying Make Up for Rookie

hello beautiful people! :D

okay so i am sure as heck people who reads this post will be either 900% know about make up OR 900% doesn't know make up at all but keeps reading my blog because i am AWE-SOME *self-promote lol*

hahaha self-promotion aside, i'd like to talk about the basic things you'll need for starting your own make up collection. some people like me, actually took a little time coming out of the closet and going out with a makeup on. you know, because you are so shy that you'll be thinking people will tease you to death.

(wait why am i in the closet :v)

but fret not, it's just your imagination. kill it. make up will give you confidence, once you are confident and comfortable wearing make up nothing will hold against you.

so here's the essential things you need to build your makeup collection. well, i categorize it from face, eyes, and lips


as a start, i'd prefer you guys to buy and use a powder foundation.

any powder foundation would do. it's up to you if you want to buy drugstore makeup than high-end makeup. to me, i'll go with the high-end because sometimes the difference between drugstore and high-end was only about RM20. so why not save a little more and you'll buy a bit higher price but with a much better quality?

and don't forget to use a shade that is the same as your skin tone or a little darker. do not choose the lighter ones because it will look weird and...cakey.

 if you don't want to start off with a foundation, try a BB or CC cream. those work wonders too ;)


for a  starter, it's better to practice eyeliner first instead of eye shadows. plus, wearing eyeliner can really make you look pretty. and magically this applies to every girl in the world. :D

but not if you don't know how to use one. [storms and lightning in the background]

for an eyeliner i'd like to suggest using a felt-tip or a pen-tip for beginner. there is plenty of how to wear eyeliner tutorial on youtube. tips: don't look at how amazing the line is, look at the position of the person's hand and the techniques used instead. :3

you can also buy eyeshadows if you want to.


some people like using lipgloss. unlike me, i prefer a creamy texture instead of shiny and glossy. if you are confused in what colour you should choose, for example, try color adapt gloss by sephora instead. it will adapt to the pH of your lips and give you a pesonalized colour! and it is only RM30. not too far from the drugstore price, isn't it?

that is all that i think you should own as a beginner. your make up collection will be quickly escalated from there, trust me. you will be so addicted until there is no way out HA HA HA

if you are always busy OR uncomfortable going to the mall and being stared by the promoter like you are a thief or something, you can always buy makeup online from a trustworthy seller, like Zalora. Zalora offers a wide range of makeup items from local and international brands ONLINE. you can just purchase them and it will be delivered straight to your house in a second! (and by second i meant in a few days of course).


that's all for now.

p/s: all doodle is drawn by me
p/s: i've always wanted to put my doodle in a post hehe

bye bye and have a good day! :D

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