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Review : Benefit Hello Flawless Powder Foundation

hello guys!

final exam is approaching and i am flipping out like a mad woman right now hahaha but thankfully i have a little time to update for the sake of you guys :3

so this is a review of my favourite powder foundation, Hello Flawless by Benefit.

so this is one of the product that i didn't have to worry about because it didn't cause me an army of pimples so far.

i got this one in shade petal, which is a pretty natural shade. and plus, this one have spf 15 in it. well, i kind of go for a product that has a higher spf like 25 and above. but then what is the purpose of buying a sun protector but didn't use it and let it be old and goes through the days alone in your drawer, right?

and this thing has a sponge and a brush under the pan. which is pretty cool because (yay free things) mostly powder foundation products just give you the sponge, without the brush.

i honestly prefer using the brush they give because the sponge is horrible. it makes the texture so thick and even my combination/oily skin looks like it has dried like a sahara desert. the brush will give you the nice and light finish. but you definitely can build it as a full coverage foundation or use it as a setting powder. it works fine as both.

and this is me wearing it. and it's not a full coverage foundation because you can still see my scars. i recently just discovered that i have been using a foundation that gives me pimples all over and i couldn't resist but to pinch it and that is the origin of my manly scars.

that's all. so as usual i'm gong to list the pro's and con's of this product. ehehe

- stays on skin for quite a long time (4h)
- the brush is quite comfortable to use :3
- spf 15
- does not break me out

- not suitable for dry skin as it can reveal the dryness of skin.
- not a full coverage foundation
- if you over-powder it, your face might feel so cakey you just need to put icings and rice sprinkles on your face to make a cake. (just kidding :p)
- the sponge is the most awful sponge ever. seriously drugstore sponges can do much better.

that's all.

time to go, buffalo <3
bye. :)

2 comments on "Review : Benefit Hello Flawless Powder Foundation "
  1. i loveee benefits cosmetics! packaging dia cute kan!

    1. I know right! Can you believe me if i say i bought this because of the packaging? hahaha

      but such a bummer my face will have breakouts sometimes using their BB cream. :(


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