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Review : Maybelline ColorShow Crayon Khol Liner

hello guys. :3

ever since raya started my mobile data is dead and my home doesn't have internet for the time being, since we've just moved in for like a few months. nevertheless, i have been buying a lot of stuff recently. courtesy to my mother sebab belanja hiks. but i'm going to make it as another post later.

one of the things i bought recently are the Maybelline ColorShow Crayon Khol in 03 Ocean Blue

and here is the thing! hehehe sorry for the crappy .gif i'm so lazy to take a new picture lol

i like the packaging as the cap comes with the same colour scheme as the eyeliner. which is kinda pretty, don't you think? ;)

the eyeliner comes in a retractable form which is easy and pretty handy for travel. and there is no need for sharpeners :D

and that is the swatch. well, i was expecting a darker colour than this one. when i swatched it in the store the colour looks different. probably because of the lighting. but the colour is pretty nevertheless.

below is the picture of me wearing it. i am seriously a no master when it comes to pencil eyeliner. but give me a felt tip or a pen tip one and my eyeliner wings are sharper than a knife and good enough to kill a man. HAHAHAHA *evil laughter in the background*

texture-wise, the eyeliner is pretty stiff unlike the maybelline's collosal kajal. it doesnt glide smoothly (i'm going with the fact that i am not a pencil liner master) it has a little bit of glitter and sometimes the glitter fall out.

the eyeliner is waterproof and kind of long lasting. it doesn't easily smudge also, which was a good thing.

well, to sum it all up i might as well list down the pros and cons so you guys can see what am i talking about without having to read my ramblings hahaha

The Pro's
- long lasting
- waterproof
- affordable (bought it for RM17.90 hehe)
- don't easily smudge

The Con's
- texture is pretty hard
- fallout glitters
- the colour is so sheer, swipe multiple times for the true colour to appear (hey, that rhymes!)

my personal rating is 3/5.

that is all for this review. thanks for reading!

better swish, jellyfish <3

6 comments on "Review : Maybelline ColorShow Crayon Khol Liner"
  1. eh babe, the colour is quite okay la, not bad :D i already have a few colours from Silkygirl tak habis2 lagi so I am currently holding myself from buying the same colours, hehe! by the way, dont forget to join my fb giveaway here okay?

    Mieza Everdeen's Giveaway

  2. really? hahaha i want to tapi taktau nak tag siapa, kang tag orang lain orang lain pulak terasa hahaha sedih T^T

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