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Review : Too Faced "à la mode" Palette

hello peeps!

so today i'm going to do a review of my Too Faced "à la mode"  eyeshadow palette! Too Faced is (hands down) my favourite make up line. If im at Sephora, i can be at their aisle for like two centuries without even growing a beard (cuz im a gurl heck yea)

the a la mode palette went out during the summer along with melted liquidified lipstick, bonjour soleil and a few other products.

so lets take a look of what's inside, shall we?

this is how the palette looks like, like other Too Faced palettes. it has 9 eye-shadows. and it is categorized by day, classic and fashion.

Day - St. Tropez, Cannes, Soleil
Classic - Riviera, Jardin, Côte d'Azur
Fashion - La Croisette, Monaco, De La Mer

My favourite colour is basically all of them. But, the ones that i find interesting is Monaco. seriously, i have nevur evur evur seen such a beautiful mixture of magenta and purple. heck you wouldn't even find it in other palette, which makes it special.

There are other options on how you are going to use the palette, for example;

like this one. you just take any of your preferred base colour (St. Tropez, Riviera or La Croisette) and you can go sweet with Cannes, Jardin, and Monaco, or you can go smokey with Soleil Côte d'Azur and De La Mer


you can go natural with Cannes, Soleil and Côte d'Azur. you can also use Jardin, Monaco and De La Mer if you want to have a sexy but fierce (SMIZE) look :3

whatever and whichever you prefer to do, be creative and have fun! :D

another thing that i like about this palette is the makeup manual that comes with it, which makes it really helpful for beginners or even a makeup pro (in case they ran out of ideas lol)

and below is the swatches. the colour looks seriously different (probably because this picture is taken at night) and i'm kind of disappointed with my camera (T^T)

De La Mer is actually blue with a hint of black.
St.Tropez actually has so much glitter but it can't be seen in this lighting i dont know why
Cannes is actually really pigmented. but it looks weird in the picture.

but hey, at least you guys have seen it right? and drumroll, here is my eye makeup using an eyeliner, Monaco and De La Mer after 3 hours. the picture was taken in a cloudy day. that's why it has that such effects cause i ain't filtering my pictures y'all haha

Monaco is on the lid, De La Mer at the lower lashline. 

sorry for the awkward pose. the purpose of it is to show you guys "the wings of my eyeliner that is so sharp like a knife" lol just kidding.

all right to those people who skipped my rants about this product; here's the overall view.

- Really pigmented eyeshadows
- Blendable (p/s: if you blend Monaco and De La Mer it will gve you a purle tint that is so pretty :3)
- Portable (small size, good for travel)
- Step-by-step instructions
- Colour is beautiful even on a darker complexion

- if you are wearing St.Tropez, mega fallouts is coming, get your wipes ready.
- although portable, you need to keep it inside the box because the casing is really easy to open (it only has a magnet to depend on it)

that's all for this review.

bye <3
4 comments on "Review : Too Faced "à la mode" Palette "
  1. Bila dah start minat nak make up boleh search and review blk post ni sbg panduan ntk zati y zero pasal make up bagai ni hehehe..

  2. @nurul izzati rani

    boleh sajer hehehe

  3. super love the colours, they're all so pretty ^_^ and wow, that wing is a killer! hehe

  4. @Mieza Everdeen

    i know right? hahahaha


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