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Zalora haul + New Instagram

hello guys!

wow i feel like i haven't click a new post button for years!

so very recently i did online shopping at Zalora since i can't be in KL for a few more weeks (ketagih nak beli makeup aherher). and i am not exactly calling it a haul since i only bought two things but meh what else can i write, right?

to be honest, i never bought stuff at Zalora because i personally prefer going to the mall, test it out, look at the condition and buying the product there myself.

but i think i forgot the feeling of shopping online because...

OMG I AM SO EXCITED IT S LIKE GETTING PRESENTS FROM MYSELF even though the it is not wrapped with a gift wrapper but seeing poslaju or gdex wrapper is just enough :3

 the box is so nice! *O*

and here's the thing i bought

1. Sephora Lash amplifier - at first i haven't really thought of buying this but then i remembered that i once  have accidentally destroyed a person's makeup because of mascara so i bought it. (i am *sometimes* a makeup artist wannabe and i makeup those theater girls. hehehe)

2. Stila Convertible Color Dual Lip & Cheek Cream -  i have never bought a stila product and i decided to buy this because my blusher broke and i can't really use it anymore :(


i did a new instagram for me to share my doodle, some part of my life and beauty stuff because i want to make my old instagram personal hiks

so i would love it if you guys could follow (i will be following back mwehehe) this account --> @nisasyahirah.jpg

bye and thank you!

have a good day :3

1 comment on "Zalora haul + New Instagram"
  1. OMG! :D I so want that Stila cheek cream :O Btw, already following you on Instagram! xoxo


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