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August 2014 Favourites

hello peeps!

so today i'm going to post about a list of my makeup stuff that i love and used almost this entire month. even though you have those depressing days, gurl you have to makeup and be pretty so at least your day isn't that bad (in my perception).

1. Make Up For Ever 5 Camouflage Palette Cream - concealer

this one is my favourite concealer EVURRRR! as you can see on the palette, i've been using it quite a lot since i'm staying up all night i am a vampire finishing my assignments. plus, i'm having the i-am-so-stressed pimples, which is very annoying because it stops growing when it was big and it took the longest amount of time to deliver the nasty sebum or nanah or whatever you call it.

thank god this thing helped me cover it up. it's my hero. the love of my life. it is more heroic than spiderman or superman. (except for batman tho he is cool) lol

2. Too Faced a la mode eyes - eyeshadow palette.

this one is one of my favourite eyeshadow palette evurr. and by evurr i mean 5evurr. sadly this palette is limited edition because it is for Too faced summer 2014 collection. {you can view the review here}

but meh, what are all other products are for? *winks at your money* hehehe

3. Maybelline The Colossal Kajal - eyeliner/waterliner

you know, i am a really bipolar person. one day, i want to be all pretty and the other day i'd be as ugly as i can hahaha and the truth is, sometimes i line this eyeliner a little on my waterline and i rubbed it down to enhance my baggy eyes. so people think that i'm tired and i don't want to talk to them. they are annoying sometimes. i am so cruel, i know. but think about it this way, this eyeliner works so good if you want to fool people as if you haven't slept (i like fooling people around; but i really haven't slept that day) lol

when i am my normal self, yes, this thing is AMAZE-balls for my waterline. no doubt.

4. Benefit Hello Flawless Powder Foundation

this thing is awesome too. t brightens my face almost instantly, since it was a few shades brighter. one thing i like about this is how it hides my natural skin colour. i forgot to mention this on my reviewed post here lol

but this thing is awesome nevertheless.

5. Benefit Some Kind-a Gorgeous Foundation

they said it was a foundation faker, but to me it is a pretty good foundation itself. the thing that suprises me is because it's a cream foundation. the formula is so smooth and buttery and it makes feel like i'm wearing a lotion. yes, that smooth. hahaha and the coverage is pretty awesome and you know what? I HIT THE PAN HAHAHAHA THIS CALLS FOR A NEW FOUNDATION TO LOOK FOR MWAHAHAHAHA okay ._.

thank you for reading this post and my weird rant. i like to say weird things when i'm not serious, because when i'm serious shit was about to go down (wears a cowboy hat & outfit and go to a desert as a props in the background)

bye bye and see you later <3

p/s: anyone has a dry skin? or people who you know that has a dry skin? what is a good concealer that you/they use? help me i was helping a friend and i don't know what to suggest hahaha (i feel awful :( )

thank you in advance! :D

6 comments on "August 2014 Favourites"
  1. everything here are in my wishlist :D

    1. wow haha i hope one day you can own it all hehe :D

  2. Haha same with Mieza, nak try semua hehe but mostly the first two. Been wanting to try since forever :o

    1. hehe i'm sure you'll own it very soon :D

  3. The only thing I have right now from your August fav is the cream foundation. Tapi I haven't used it yet. Planning to get the Colossal Kajal! :D :D


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