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Bottled Up Emotions


1. Happy + Excitement

i'm so happy that you guys still visiting this blog even though there is no updates from me hehe. i know i haven't post anything in a while and i will update about my august favourites tomorrow! yay!

as for today i'm going to write my rants and bottled up feelings i have all this past week.

2. Anger + Stress

the past week and this week has been a hell hole. as a programming-kind-of student, i have a group assignments that needs you to code some stuff. i coded (ALONE MY GROUP DOESN'T WANT TO HELP ME), yes. the program works perfectly fine, yes. but during presentation, the program crashed. CRASHED. i am so frustrated and my group was giving me "i'm blaming you" stare. but thank god my lecturer is so nice he gave me time to recheck and redo the codes. AND I RE-CODED ALONE. I AM MAD. I AM SO MAD BUT I KEEP MY MOUTH SHUT ALL THE TIME. i can easily walk away from the group and do it alone, but i didn't because i'm not that evil.

AND THANK GOD, the second presentation went well. but only you can understand what are the things you code. what's there and what's not there. but my group just present them and said things that doesn't exist. it is very awkward.

and another thing that makes me angry (today) is that, i know i have a second assignment that requires c++ but after the biology class ends, my project group (as the same from the above) wants me to straightly coded the program after class. the thing is, i need time to shift my programming brain and my biology brain one after the other.  and seriously penat kot.  baru lepas habis quiz memang terpaksa la tahan gila rasa nak mengamuk tu hoho

3. Happy + Sad

so recently muet result come out and i got Band 4. at first i was like YAY I PASSED but when i check the marks back i am only 18 marks away from getting Band 5. 18 MARKS AWAY my mood literally dropped haha it was probably my hormones (cuz i'm surfin' the crimson wave)

i called my mother and my father said that i need to retake the test and get band 5. (so sad T^T)

4. Envy + Hatred

Remember when i said i coded alone? yes. and coding takes up a lot of time than you can ever imagine. i failed my math test because i spent most of the time dealing with the code problems. you know, i envied my group-mates because they literally scored and has been studying the thing.

ugh i hate them but at the same time they are my friends so i really can't hate them.

5. Fear

my final is just around the corner. pray for me to pass all the subjects with flying colours! hehehe


bye and see you in ma next post hiks >.<

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