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Review : Benefit Hoola Bronzer

Hello makeup junkies! :3

Well look who finally here! The new semester just started and my oh my, life is messy because my lecturers decided to drown me in a lake full of homework. -_-

anyway, i'd love to share this cool magical thing with you guys, which the Benefit Hoola Bronzer. I have seen almost all beauty gurus whether on blog or youtube rave about the product and all of them are like "OH MY GAWSHHH THIS IS THE BEST THING EVURRRRRRRR" so it left me kind of wondering if this really worth the hype.

Note that, i have a medium skin tone (in which i think makes the bronzer possibly does't appear on my skin), and i'm wearing a hijab which covers a part of my cheek and this two reasons are good enough for me not to buy this product. but screw it, i'm buying it anyway because benefit's packaging is forever nice and forever cute and i couldn't resist it. (/ >o<)/

Hoola is a completely matte bronzer. And since it is brown toned and matte it looks really natural on your skin and just gives an overall beautiful contour or sunkissed look. It retails for about RM110 at Sephora (quite pricey, i know) and has 0.28 ounces of product which doesn't sound like much at all but surprisingly i have to say that this product will last a long time even if you applied it everyday. like me, i haven't even see a little dent which is a sign of overly used product, which is a good thing to me.

So since i am a baby to the bronzer world i decided to just use their brush instead of buying a specific brush for them. plus, the brush kind of give me a decent result so i might not buy a new brush anytime soon teehee

Speaking of the decent result, here is what i have managed to do. i am actually surprised to see the bronzer is sort of visible on my face even i was wearing a scarf. (excuse the pimples nature decided to give me -_-)

aaaand excuse me if the bronzer is a little too low or at the wrong place because i'm still learning heh -.-"

Does this live up to the hype? I’d have to say yes. The pigmentation is nice but buildable, so if your skin tones are pale or like me or deep skin tone, it can be applied as lightly or as heavy as you need.

And as for me i really have nothing to hate about the product. I love it 5evurrr!

That's all for now. See you in my next post! ;)

6 comments on "Review : Benefit Hoola Bronzer"
  1. I'm actually annoyed with myself for not geeting the whole contour-highlight thing right yet. It looks so easy yet so susah. Then sometimes dah rasa ok, put on shawl, ehh mana contour action tadi? GONE. Grrrrr. Glad that you're almost there, babe! :)

    1. I KNOW RIGHT oh god susah gila nak master walaupun nampak senang. but i guess kena keep trying then :p

  2. I have to try that Holla Bronzer next time I’m on a haul XD

  3. just got my first ever bronzer and tried to contour my face this morning! ermmm tak reti!!! hahaha... maybe i didn't put enough so can't see any difference. will try again! i love benefit cosmetics. i am just TRYING not to buy anything at the moment!

    1. I put a lot of product to apply this. It's okay because i pun banyak fail jugak hahaha but i think practice makes perfect :D

      and oh oh I know that feeling! It's so hard to refrain yourself from buying makeup stuff, right? xD


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