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Review: Tarte BB Tinted Treatment Cream

well hello ladies and gents-who-likes-makeup-but-hey-no-judgement! :D

Wow it feels like I haven’t updated anything at all for this month. And of course I would blame my final exams (which ended a week ago) that keep me away from this blog instead of how lazy I have been ;P

So today I am going to review Tarte BB Tinted Treatment 12 Hour Primer Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Sunscreen. yes, that was mouthful.

It comes with a neat tube-like packaging and I actually came across this product because I saw the word “BB” and I was like, is that the font Helvetica Neue Light? lol jk I’m just kidding

One of the things that I like about this product is that they put the expiry date at the back of the tube. So, if you have sudden memory loss of everything except the taste of fried chicken you just ate, there is no hassle if you don’t remember the expiry date (hey that rhymes :p)

The texture was soft and kind-of watery but when applied it feels velvety, like a primer. And it sort of has that matte-to-dewy finish. It was matte, but it looks dewy on certain part, not a bad kind of dewy, of course! It's good because your face wouldn't look flat like a wall. like nyx says, stay matte but not flat, girls!


The coverage is also pretty good. It blurs my imperfections and pores while covering redness on my face. And it looks really natural. You can build the coverage to a nice medium coverage or keep it shear to light by just applying a tiny bit of it.

Another thing that I like about this product is that it doesn’t break me out and kind-of treats my skin. I have no breakouts happening on my beloved-one-and-only-face. This is kind of surprising to me because I was a bit skeptical about a makeup brand that does skincare (cuz I have a feeling that they don’t know what they are doing). But this product breaks me from that shell.

One problem that I notice with this product is that you MUST to wait about 3-5 minutes for the product to seeps through your skin. If you didn’t, you will look splotchy, your skin will feel sticky as if you just ended a marathon. But, if you wait and set it with powder, it will last all day and feels totally weightless. ;)

overall, this product is AWESOME. I usually use this alone as i don't use that much of makeup. And as usual i'm going to put my overall thoughts of this product in case you guys are lazy to read my ramblings. leuls.

- good light to medium coverage
- no breakouts
- smooth
- long lasting
- natural looking
- lightweight
- easy to apply
- blends well to the skin
- oil-free
- good for combination to oily skin

- just need to wait for the product to settle down. (not really a problem to me)

that's all.

see ya later alligator :D
5 comments on "Review: Tarte BB Tinted Treatment Cream"
  1. how much does it cost per tube and berapa ml ? love the coverage, this is exactly the BB cream that i'd love to own :)

    1. Oh my god haha forgive me sebab pupa letak product description lol it was around RM115 for 1oz. pretty pricey but worth the price! :p

  2. that looks pretty good, yes? Haha! LOL kite baca awak boleh teka teka font apa. :D

    1. haha thanks! i love looking at fonts lepastu download fonts banyak-banyak haha but if i look at it again rasanya helvetica neue ultralight ._.

      hehe thank you for reading by the way! :D


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