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Review: Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in Shame & Venom

hello people! i'm back with a new review :D

Fall/Autumn is around, so i kind of get the dark lippies vibe even though the country i lived is definitely not four-seasoned country. Oh wait, it is; rain, raining-cats-and-dogs kind of rain, hot, and blazing hot you can cook fried eggs outside. :p

Anyway, today i am going to do a review of Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick! Yay! This particular lipstick has been out since 2013, there is nothing new, but i wanted to talk about this particular shade that will suits well in this fall season or maybe if you are looking for a dark lippie lipstick.

so i bought 2 of them which is Shame and Venom at Sephora KLCC aaaaaand trust me i took less than 20 seconds to decide buying this two lipsticks. ._.

i don't even know why because usually i will read a heck lot of reviews and swatches and every other things before buying. i just randomly picked it up and asked the sephora assistant without swatching and went straight to the counter and buy it. it is too weird but i guess me and this two lipsticks are meant to be together ;)

Sorry for my crappy camera but i like the fact that the label of the lipstick shade is very well 'translated' because it is the exact shade of the lipstick inside.

AND LOOK AT THE LIPSTICK PACKAGING DESIGN! It is a beautiful metallic-reflective kind of tube. I swear i could look at this tube for hours! it is just "that" gorgeous, you know. :D

And i like the way they kind-of-carve the UD logo at the top. SO GORGEOUS! *O*

this is how it looked like inside. kind of a bummer for shame because it accidentally hit the mirror and poof! it is out of shape thanks to my clumsy self. what a shame (pun intended xD)

when i saw this i wasn't really confident because i thought i bought the wrong shade for Shame. because it looked all chocolate and not really dark berry kind of colour.

and this is probably what you are waiting for, the swatches. i forgot to put a label in this picture -_-"

the left one is Venom and the right one is Shame. Both of them is such a gorgeous colour! Venom is kind of bright plum and Shame is dark berry. And please DO believe me when i say this is the first layer of swatch w/ medium pressure when you are applying lipstick. The colour is very well pigmented! :D

W/O flash
when i was taking the swatches picture i only took with flash and without flash 3-4 hours later (because i forgot), so it kind of dried because i am in an air-conditioned room. God knows how long i procrastinated doing this post hahaha

W/ flash

And here is on the lips swatch. please excuse my bare face and raging hormones that releases a heck lot of pimples. I iz now changing my skincare product since the previous ones doesn't work anymore (weird, i know.)

what do you think of the colour? which colour is your favourite? :D

honestly, i have nothing to hate about this product. it does not dry on my lips, have 4 hours of staying power if you don't eat (like normal lipstick usually do) and so on. It is RM75 at Sephora. it's not cheap, but definitely worth the price.

that's all.

bye. \(^o^)/

8 comments on "Review: Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in Shame & Venom"
  1. LOVE YOUR LIP SWATCHES! Venom reminds me of MAC Rebel. MAC Rebel is actually my first MAC lipstick. Wore it masa kahwin dulu. Fefeeling Rihanna sngt. Looks cantek on u babe. Especially Shame. Btw, I pun once beli NAKED Basics without thinking. :p

    1. THANK YOU! :3

      yeah it kind of reminded me of MAC Rebel too! I guess kita semua ada beli barang yang kita absent-mindedly beli then :D

  2. Wow, the lipsticks look so pretty! :D The Venom lipstick especially. I've always wanted to get one of these revolution lippies but when i'm at Sephora, i get so rambang mata with all the shades there that i just can't decide on which colour to get! Haihhhh... #FirstWorldProblems :P hehee

    1. I KNOW RIGHT ram bang mata nak beli so main pilih je hahaha :p

  3. Omg everything about the lipstick is so drool worthy! GOD the packaging and the pigmentation gahhh *counts money in my wallet*

    1. I KNOW RIGHT gosh now i'm thinking of buying more :x


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