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Review : Too Faced Brow Envy (Brow Shaping and Defining Kit)


how are you? Good? Good.

Wow i am so happy to find myself some time to update this blog. Finally a day where i don't have to sit and be reminded with how tall my assignments are (thankfully not any taller than mount everest lol).

But anyway, has anyone been up to cool eyebrow game lately? Well, I HAVE AND I'M GOING TO SHARE IT WITH YOU HAHAHA (sorry i think the feeling of being able to write in this blog again is overwhelming)

May i introduce you, The Amazing "Too Faced Brow Envy" eyebrow kit.

*yaaaaaaay* *clapping hands like a crazy woman*

I have been using Silkygirl Eyebrow Pencil in brown for a loooong time to filling in my brows. not until a few months ago when i ran out of it and i finally decided to have a full set of eyebrow kit. I kind of went back and forth between Benefit and Too Faced eyebrow kit and I picked the latter because of my recent purchase of Benefit product. So this wins ehehe :p

This kit comes with a black and gold lining around the tin case (which is so pretty and i'm feelin black vintage-y). It has magnetized closure (it is really entertaining if you open and close the tin case again and again xD), a built in mirror, and an eyebrow guide.

This is the kit when it is open. It has setting wax, highlighter and brow powder in blonde and brunette shade. This kit also comes with a spooley, an eyebrow brush, and a tweezer.

excuse the powdery mess that came in the highlighter pan please teehee xD

I have been using this for a while and i can tell that all of them works amazingly good except for blonde. well, maybe because i have a medium skin tone and that is why the blonde doesn't really show on my skin.

and to not waste this part of the kit, i'm using blonde for being a matte eyeshadow and it does work! *yay for a new soft taupe colour*

these are the swatches! the brow powder is very smooth, and it doesn't look like it's too obvious or jarring if you are wearing them. the highlighter otherwise is slightly chalky, but it goes well if you blends well. :p

and the best part of the kit is...... *drumroll*

I called this, "the eyebrow frames" *says this in a very deep and masculine commercial tone*

(well actually i don't really know what their name is xD)

In this kit, you are given three of them inside the How-To Glamour Guide. Super Sexy, So Sweet, and Too Pretty. I don't really use them every time i'm filling my brows, no. i just use them sometimes if i want something different. and my favourite one is Super Sexy. *cue the song "I'm Sexy and I Know It" by LMFAO*

That's all for this review. What do you think about this eyebrow kit? comment below. :D

See ya later, alligator. :p

6 comments on "Review : Too Faced Brow Envy (Brow Shaping and Defining Kit)"
  1. i nearly bought the eyebrow shape thingy (the eyebrow frame as u said) from Hermo but then i crossed it off, i dunno why XD i have always wanted to get something like that, maybe I'll go to sephora later and check out this brow kit then ^_^

    1. haha, sometimes we do things absent-mindedly :D

      but i personally think the eyebrow frames is good for beginners, or when you want to try different eyebrow look. if you are comfortable with your current eyebrow look, then i think it is not necessary to buy one.

      but check this brow kit out, it is definitely worth it :3

    2. i seriously dont know how to draw the shape of my eyebrows, hehe! i always tried and succeeded at 1 brow, then another brow fail jadi ulat beluncas. i once tried threading it was wtf painful but the outcome is so pretty. maybe if i still fail at drawing then threading jelah XD

      when I'm in KL i'll definitely check out this eyebrow kit ^_^

    3. oh my god i know that struggle when i first got my eyebrow pencil ahaha

      i know the threading technique and i saw it on youtube somewhere but i don't have the courage to do it xD haha, but the outcomes do look pretty though :D

  2. i don't fancy the highlighter but everything else is greatttt!!

    Najlaa 'Aqilah

    1. me neither. the highlighter is so chalky and i didn't really use it. i think pakai light eyeshadow shades as highlight underneath the brows pun dah okay :)


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